Henrietta Armstrong

Henrietta’s drawings create something uncanny out of the familiar. Taking structures so commonplace in our countryside and altering them to create formations that give reference to sacred geometry that have a mandala like quality. Pylons have a stark brutalist structure, contradicting the natural surroundings in which they normally stand. Yet at the same time the shapes within their structure echo the maths and geometry that forms the very foundation of nature’s architecture. Looking at these and other man made monolithic forms that dot the landscape, defunct relics from an often obsolete forgotten technology. These 2D digital drawings and fabrications take on their own character, like ancient totems or sacred offerings to unknown deities. What future archaeology are we leaving to be found and interpreted by the distant civilisations that find it?

Henrietta Armstrong (b. 1981, Devon), studied BA Fine Art (Hons) at Sir John Cass School of Art, London, graduating in 2003. Henrietta is part of the current exhibition ‘Contemporary Perspectives on Printmaking’ at Mall Galleries, on until 11th August She is a member of xvi collective and Animamus Art Salon.